Cultural Agility Coaching

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Jinesh Narayanankutty

Business and Presales Analysis, MyLogistics Cloud

When I had a painful event in my career where I lost a US client due to my lack of cultural understanding, Jennifer’s coaching helped me to understand our team’s gaps and create an effective strategy to reenter the US market, landing 6 clients ($4.12 million revenue).

What strikes me most about Jennifer is her passion and focus. We worked together on a project for my client where she took extra care to understand the need, create a framework that would work in the time we had, and build trust and a comfort level with the group. I found they were relaxed and communicated openly with her.  

I then engaged her to coach individuals in India servicing US clients. I do believe her experience of standing in the gap between the two cultures will give them an edge.  

This advantage has already benefited the clients in achieving real results and positive change in the areas of engaging Americans in more culturally appropriate ways when managing various situations from everyday small talk, taking initiative in conversations, and an ability to address difficult discussions in a non-defensive, yet friendly way.  

VP feedback,”Ram has shown marked improvement in his communication skills with his client over the period. Now his sentences are short and able to communicate well to the client, basically ensuring that the client is also on the same page. He is all the more confident now than before when speaking to the client.”  It’s been great working with you, Jennifer.   

Annelise Piers

Contentment India

Through Contentment India, Jennifer worked with global professionals in a Fortune 500 company to communicate more effectively across cultures on virtual teams and projects.  

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Jennifer Kumar

Hello everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I have over a decade of experience coaching US client-facing professionals in India who manage teams and projects in virtual environments. I understand some of the cultural missteps that professionals like you may encounter, as I have also lived and worked in India for over 10 years (I was born and raised in the USA). In addition to having on-the-ground experience working between cultures, I have a Teaching Certification in ESL from the University of Arizona and a Coaching Certification from the International Coaching Federation.